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Flo Kasearu

Flo Kasearu (b.1985) is an Estonian artist based in Tallinn. A graduate of the Painting Department of the Estonian Academy of Arts in 2008, she continued to study Multimedia at Universtität der Künste Berlin under Rebecca Horn studio, and later returned to the Estonian Academy of Arts to complete her MA in Photography.

Although initially studying painting under Estonian photorealist painters Kaido Ole and Tõnis Saadoja, Kasearu showed early interest in a more conceptual approach to art making. Already as a student in Tallinn in the mid-2000s, and later in Berlin, she produced some of her earliest performances addressing tradition, national identity, as well as the academic environment she was in. Her first well known work was “T”, where she gave assignments to her then-painting tutors, and showed the works in an exhibition at Tallinn City Gallery, and later in Pärnu. Her conscequent projects have often been mocking of local political and ideological situations, Kasearu skilfully choosing the most pressing issues and treating them to become absurd cartoons or public performances. 

Having quickly accumulated a substantial amount of work, the artist has began a sort of self-reflective process, considering her own role in the socio-economic and political environments that she was thinking about. This has recently lead to the transformation of her home into a self-named house museum, a public institution active since the summer of 2013. Kasearu’s recent solo exhibitions also include “House Music” (with Riina Maidre), Flo Kasearu House Museum, Tallinn; “Uprising”, Temnikova & Kasela gallery, Tallinn (2015); “We Are On the Way”, Zacheta Project Room, Warsaw (2014).